How To Wear Flare Jeans - Winter and Summer Choice

women's wearing flare jeans

It may be the denim trend of 2022, but everyone knows where flared jeans got their start - the 1970s. 50 years later (has it really been that long?) and now they're back in a big way, appearing on everyone's favorite celebrities and catwalks.

One of the most comfortable styles of women's jeans, flared jeans(opens in a new tab) are the perfect combination of roominess and femininity.

Due to their huge popularity in the 1970s, flared jeans have a retro feel, she says. "Everyone was wearing flares at all times," she continues. As Harry Styles put it, "it's no wonder the 70's favorites are back in the scene in 2022 following a period of retro revival with shows like The Serpent." Once you've decided on a look, wash your jeans only as often as necessary (opens in new tab). Just make sure you don't shrink them and that they last as long as possible in your closet.

If you are thinking what shoes to wear with flare jeans in winter, why dont you try some of these mentioned below paired jeans.

Best Pair Of Women's Flared Jeans In Winter

1. Flared jeans with a high waist.

High-waisted flared jeans are an essential part of any woman's wardrobe because they're both fashionable and practical. Katie Eastwood, Stitch Fix UK's Stylist Ambassador, has some advice for you if you're going for a full retro, 70s look:

"High-waisted flares look great with a colorful cropped jumper, finishing just at your waistline for a really flattering silhouette. Wear your skirt with heeled boots to add a stylish finishing touch — and extra-long legs! If my customers want to adopt this look, I usually recommend that they buy a pair of vintage Levi's."

2. Marks & Spencer has the best women's flared jeans.

The brushed-back fabric on these vintage-inspired cotton blend pants gives them a luxuriously soft finish and makes them appear extremely expensive. They are vintage-inspired. All M&S denim is made from sustainable cotton and uses less water, so you can rest easy knowing you're doing your part for the environment.

3. Flared jeans with a low rise waistline

There is a resurgence in the low-rise trend if you're feeling daring. Low-rise jeans can be paired with chunky sneakers, a slightly cropped tee, and an oversize leather blazer to get the '00s vibe of the flares trend, according to Katie.

4. H&M's gray flared jeans.

These women's flare jeans are a steal at just under $20, allowing you to get in on the trend without breaking the bank. If you find black too harsh and blue too casual, the charcoal gray shade is a great alternative. So you can wear them with sneakers on Saturday shopping or with a blazer and heels for a date night outfit. They're a great value for the price.

5. Skinny jeans with a flared leg

Petite style flare jeans women may find it difficult to pull off the flared jean trend. As a result, stylist Katie Eastwood (opens in new tab) recommends elongating your frame with a less exaggerated flare rather than overwhelming it. Make your legs look longer by stuffing a shirt into your flares, layering a blazer on top, and accessorizing with high heels if you'd like.

6. New Look's petite flared jeans

These petite-sized sandals, made from eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles, are small enough to fit in a pocket. New Look denim is long-lasting and affordable without sacrificing quality, so you'll get a lot of use out of them.

7. Jeans with a high-rise flare

When it comes to adding height, flares are a great option and Katie recommends Long Tall Sally, Wrangler, and Saint Tropez for a variety of longer lengths. "To make your legs look longer and your jeans skim the ground, pair your flares with a pointed shoe." Adding a casual tank top, statement jewelry, and a long coat will help draw attention to your lower body, as will Katie's advice.

Katie recommends pairing loose-fitting flares with an oversized sweater and sneakers for a grungy, 90s-inspired look. It's ideal for taller women because they won't get lost in the fabric with this style of flare.

Ladies with long legs will love these 36" beauties. Even though they're machine washable and of high quality, their faded appearance ensures that they won't lose their luster after regular use and washing.

8. Flared jeans in a plus size.

Make no mistake: Flares are a great option for curvy women because they'll look great on you. In fact, the form lends itself well to curved surfaces. The bigger the flare, the better - look for styles that really hug your bottom and tum and then flare out at the bottom for balance.

They're made of stretch denim, so they'll keep you comfortable even if you've got a long day ahead of you. The waistband is elastic, so there are no buttons or zippers to deal with. All you have to do is put them on and go.

9. Black flared pants

Flared black jeans are a great choice for a night on the town. The best way to wear black jeans is to tuck them into a black blouse with a statement collar, sleeves, or texture, according to Katie. When you're done, put on bright red lipstick. Wear black flare jeans with an oversized white tee, gold jewelry, and white sneakers for a more casual look.

These jeans have five pockets, so you'll never be short on storage space. The price may be low, but the rise is high, resulting in a flattering fit with a button at the top. In addition, the faded fabric will help to ensure that your jeans look like jeans rather than flared leggings. A solid purchase from one of the most popular retailers on the high street.

The Riviera, seaside towns, and warm weather are often associated with white jeans. Katie's advice is to go for a cropped length and pair it with a white Breton top and strappy sandals for a more laid-back look perfect for a day at the beach or a trip to France.

A white long-sleeve top with full-length flares is a good choice for cooler weather, according to Katie: "Add neutral accessories like tan boots, a coordinated bag, and a camel coat."

Women's flared jeans with a super-stretchy fabric are some of the best on the market right now. You can wear them all day without getting tired of them. The color and the raw hem keep them casual and make them a great summer hero. The fact that they're made from sustainably harvested cotton is an added bonus.

What kind of top goes best with flared jeans?

Flared jeans look great with a variety of tops, including blouses, roll-necks, tees, and oversized shirts. So there aren't a lot of styles you should avoid.

If you've been wearing skinny jeans for a long time, you'll have to get used to the new shape, according to fashion experts like Katie. If you're wearing flares, Katie advises, "adding some volume to your shoulders or arms will help balance out your silhouette." Focusing on your shoulders/arms, waist, and ankles, gives the illusion of an hourglass figure.

It's generally accepted that tops look their best when they're tucked in, but if you layer like Kate Moss, you can leave your base layer out without looking out of place. As long as you're feeling daring, Katie advises that you wear a dramatic silhouette by wearing blazers or tops that have shoulder pads.

You can copy Victoria Beckham's bold block color on top or keep the color palette consistent like Amanda Holden and Kate Middleton's cool blues if you'd like to emulate their style.

How do you shorten flared jeans that are too long?

You have a few options if you want to shorten your flares because they shouldn't drag on the ground (despite what Generation Z says). If you're looking for a professional look, you can always hire a tailor or do it yourself to save money.

The first step is tailoring. Based on your location and the scope of your project, you could be looking at a cost of between £10 and $25. An investment pair you'll wear for years is well worth the money. But if they're just going to sit in the closet gathering dust, maybe not so much.

You can also try hemming them yourself if you'd like. With a size 14 needle and Tex 60 polyester thread, you can sew a pair of thrifted wide-leg jeans following the instructions in a plethora of YouTube videos. Beginners will find it easy to follow, as it explains even the most basic sewing terms in great detail.

Here's one more to add to the lexicon. Make sure you take good care of your jeans when it comes to cleaning them, as some jeans will shrink in the dryer. To ensure that your favorite pair of shoes lasts for many years to come.

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